Monday, June 30, 2008


Good thing I am starting to feel better.

My oldest and I finished the Chronicles of Narnia. The Last Battle finds our people in a train accident and in the Real Narnia, aka, heaven. One of the great Queens did not make it in. She stopped believing. We finished 2 days ago and my girl is still talking about it. It really rocked her world.

I try to always be honest with my children and equip them with the truth. I want so bad to keep them in a sterile Christian bubble but this world is much to sharp and rough for any kind of bubble to last. And seeing as how my bubble was popped so early in life, I can not expect the one I errected for my girls to last very long.

What I told her was Matthew 24:24, even the elect will be deceived. I told my sweet 8 year old that even people like Pastors and teachers of the Word of God will be tricked into believing lies or into not believing by Satan. I told her because it was so easy to be deceived, we had to protect ourselves by staying in constant contact with God. Through prayer and serving and reading and learning His Word, we will know the truth and not believe lies.

While that was heavy for a young girl, I also think I took the chicken shit way out. While I told her alot, I did not go into the heart of Avery's question. She was asking where Susan was. Susan was a beautiful, valiant queen of Narnia who ruled during the Golden Years. I remember when my sister came across verse Matthew 27:5 and learned that Judas had taken his own life. We were taught in the Catholic church that suicide sent you to hell. She called me hysterical because Judas was one of Jesus elect! One of the chosen 12 who walked with Jesus through the majority of His ministry on earth. She felt it was not right that Judas went to hell. First of all, I told her it never said he did. I have no idea if he made it into heaven or not. He certainly seemed sorry for what he did. The truth is, the road to heaven is narrow, the path to hell, wide.

I should pray harder for the Rapture.

The youngest also had a problem last night. After I put her to bed, she came into my room to tell me Jesus does not listen to her. She has a Bella Dancarella Princess wand that lights up and plays music when you press the button. She informed me she asked Jesus to make her wand not make noise and He would not listen. I taught her the word manipulation.

The middle child is not quite as screwed up. This morning she did confuse Reggie Bush with George Washington, but come on, who has not made that mistake before?

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