Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summa Summa Summa TIME/old school big willy styles

We had family vacation early this summer. It was awesome but like any good vacation I am spent. Even after sleeping past nine and drinking a huge pot of coffee (the kind where you only have a scoop or 2 left in the bag so you add the last bit to go ahead and end that bag?). I have agabazillion loads of laundry because we had a beach front cabin on the lake, and I chose to not wash there OR at my sister's. In fact, we were not due home till late tonight or tomorrow but I could tell my sister needed us to GO. AWAY. Bless her heart, HA! She and her husband were great. I only got frustry with them a little. I tried to give them marital advice (married less than a year) and had to keep reminding myself not to try to make them feel better by downing someone else, mainly my husband.

He was super fantastic this trip, even better than he was at Disney. And this is WITH his fear of water and all things pertaining his girls factored in. Like seriously, I want to buy him something pretty, or at least something electronic. He was so engaged with us the entire time! It was livin the dream, fo shizzil!

Another cherry on top (if you like cherries, which none of us do) was coming home to my house looking like a magazine. My mom needed a place to stay and she straightened the entire house! I had every intention of using the little cash I had left to pay for someone to clean my house but now I can buy those high heeled crocks I have been wanting! God is soo bery good. I mean like, I am tearing up right now good.

I am a weird version of a nature girl. One of my daughters is a true nature girl, all up in the dirt and playing with bugs and can spend all day out doors. Trees are my favorite thing God made in nature but just to look at. Water is my favorite thing he made to put my hands on. I saw the movie and have gotten emails on the talk by Louie Giglio and that did not amaze me as much as the beach or the ocean or the huge lake we stayed on. I can not deny God after swimming in a huge body of water but I hate to garden or get dirty really.

I had such glory to look at on this trip and I kept looking at myself. God gently pointed it out and I do not know why it was so hard to look at Him instead of myself. Being in a swimsuit all sunlight hours of the day made it hard for me to not be concerned about how I looked and I was constantly compairing myself to other moms I saw. Seriously, I have no idea why I was so concerned about how I looked. I guess I still struggle with wanting attention and approvall of man. When my cup overflows as much as mine does, I do not get why I am still so fleshy but at least there is still His Grace. Thats what Im talkin about baby.

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