Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Emotional me

Tony Campolo quote:

"Last night, according to U.N. statistics, approximately ten thousand people starved to death. Furthermore, most of you don't give a shit. What is worse, most of you are more upset with the fact that I just said 'shit' than you are over the fact that ten thousand people starved to death last night."

I do not know who this guy is but I am looking into it, thanks to google. I do know the quote rings my bell hard. I understand I am not going to 'get' everyone and everyone is not going to 'get' me but some things are big enough that it should be easier. It should be easier to care aout ten thousand people starving to death than a person saying shit. It should not matter if it is the Pope saying shit. Shit should be minor when grouped with starvation. Why is that hard?

And if I have not said (typed) shit enough, go ahead and tell me I do not speak the truth. I will then say you are full of shit. Maybe you, YOU, really do not care about the use of the word shit more than the ten thousand deaths yesterday but it is just an example. Tune in to it. Really pay attention and you will see what I mean.

I will admit, I am emotional today so I could be overly hard about this. My dog is missing and my husband is devestated. It does not help that less than 2 weeks ago I called him and told him I was so over the dog, I wanted to kill her with a plastic spoon. The responsibility of the dog and lack of effort he put into his pet actually made me cry recently. Now, she is missing and I feel hopeless and confussed and want to find her more than I do not want to find her and I also want to adopt a son for my husband.

At first I thought a really black afrotastic crispy little man, but now I wonder if it would not be better, i.e. funnier to get a white one. Blond head, blue eyes, the works. Maybe I will just ask God who He has for us. He already told me we will have a son. I just need to find out what flavor he will be.

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