Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Oh my GOODNESS! So during the summer we go to Wednesday night service. It starts at 7pm and during the school year the girls go to bed at 730 so we opt out. Well, after my explosive cursing post earlier today, I go to church to hear a message on speaking the Gospel Language. I am thinking Love, Forgivness, Service.

I took lots of notes and enjoyed the message, praying for God to remove bad words from my vocabulary. Works like doubt and unbelief. The ending prayer, well, it went long. Actually, Pastor felt lead to pray again. He prayed for people who wanted to stop cussing. Like, he said sorry I am keeping yall here so long but I feel there are people here who want to be set free from cussing.

Then he shared how afer being a Christian for only about 5 weeks he responded to an alter call for someone who wanted to stop cussing and got delivered. MAANNN!

Listen, I respect my Pastor. I do not take his word for Truth, only THE Word, but I do submit to my Pastor's authority. So what does this mean?!? Am I wrong that cussing matters little? I do not cuss around my kids. Much. I try not to around others. I watch tv with cussing and my kids will be in and out the room and recently I said 'shit' where my friend's daughter could hear me. Not on purpose but I did not have to say it. My friends have corrected my language before. Things like crap, pissy, oh, and yummy! I refered to a good looking guy as yummy and some of my friends freaked. They asked if I said that about my husband and I said YES! Well, they did NOT approve. That is, until we were all at a women's conference and Tammy Trent said it. Then they said it was ok. A little funny but also kinda crappy.

So here are some of my notes:
  • words build up or they tear down
  • we speak life or we speak death
  • Time does NOT heal all things but our words can bring healing
  • God can cleanse a dirty mouth (anyone have an Orbit gum commercial pop into their head?!?)

There were a lot of Proverbs used but one of my favorite verses was not mentioned. Prolly just because so many other scriptures were used. A Word I try to live by is Eph 4:29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of my mouth but that which is good for the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearer.

Granted, if I call my daughter a little shit, that is BAD. But the guy who said shit in his stats about starvation, not so bad in my opinion. I will, however take this matter to prayer. Tonight was NO coincidence. His Word does not return void. Thats what Im talkin about.

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Badger said...

I'm pretty much with you on this one. I say shit. I say damnit. I say ass. I rarely say the granddaddy word...but my thing is that if it doesn't offend the hearer, what's the big deal? Is it an offense to our God? I don't know. I would have to pray and learn about it more, too, I guess. Part of it is simply that I come from a long line of shit-sayers, and it would be hard to unlearn, ya know? ;)