Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chocolate Milk Martinis

Chocolate milk taste better in a martini glass. Or is that a margarite glass? As many things I can be crazy nuts about, I hope doing little things like letting my girls drink out of a martini glass will imprint good memories.

I feel the rage boiling up in me again. Strong and forceful, yet still no match for the Power of the matchless name of Jesus. Yet I fight. I even threw some stuff and kicked something the other day. The Martini day.

I love my family. I love my life. I love my Savior. And nothing is easy.

At prayer last night with my girlfriends, I shared about the cussing thing and church and the alter call and how I did not respond because there were so many more important things I needed to focus on. Cussing is a symtom, not a root.

I mean, just today I had to explain same sex marriage to my 8 year old because my grandparents watch the news while my girls are over and convince the 4 year old you can not:

  • drag a hamster by its tail

  • put a hamster in a purse and swing it around

  • drop a hamster on a ceramic tile floor

  • throw the hamster in anger at a sister (yes, she is me with curls)

The 6 year old is here. She is just easy most days. She did have 'bleeed' quite a few times today but nothing a few bandaids could not fix. Well, except her tongue. She wanted to put one on her tongue that got bit in a wresteling match and I had to say no. Even though it had bleeeeed on it.

I am not going to meet my quota for my business, need to make a large purchace for my ministry and the credit card is maxed. The dog that was missing is back in all her nasty glory, knocking over the trash can, rolling in every stink she can find, trackin in the outside. My husband got a new position at his job and is working every single day although he is more work when he is home. I am not trying to whine but maybe it is normal for me to feel like not getting out of bed some days.

Hopefully pancakes for supper will help my girls not notice the strain of life sucking the energy out of me. Maybe I just need to drink chocolate milk in a martini glass.

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