Thursday, June 19, 2008

Common Theme

Tuesday on the News is the story about legal gay marriage, yesterday (Wednesday) the girls and I are out at the pool and heard a weird noise that wound up being mating frogs (they guessed several reasons why one frog was on top of the other and I just kept saying 'YEAH. Maybe!'). Then last night church was about God's Purpose & Divine Order for Marriage and Family. Also, my neice living with my in laws is in a lesbian relationship, my inlaws hate each other and act like it and my mother has left her husband.

It was an old school pastor and I was so pleased that he was brave enough to preach on homosexuality the way he did. He was so all about love the sinner, not the sin. It was powerful. The old man has SKILLS. I recommend anyone, married, single, straight, gay, red or yellow listen to the message. I linked the title to the church's online sermons and the date was June 18th. He also touched on living together before marriage and the divine order God wants for our homes.

I took mad notes besides the 3 pages we were given but the one thing that stood out to me most, possibly because I needed it, was how we need to view our spouse as the image of Christ.

Romans 8:29 says we were created in the image of Christ. If our spouse ask us to do something (I am talking take out the garbage or clean up the kitchen, not rob a bank type thing), if we were to look at it like 'I am taking out the trash for Christ' it will 1. be easier for us to do 2. show the love of Christ IN us 3. set the example of Divine Order and Christian Love to those in our home 4. earn us rewards in heaven 5. please our Lord, shall I go on?

I have noticed lately my eyes are dull. I can smile but it does not reach my eyes. My eyes look tired and old. My light has gone out. I think it is because I am outside the will of God. I need divine order in my home.
It should be:
If God and Christ are equal (which they are), then man and woman can be equal and still stay in the order God designed.

Sadly in my home it is often: Children, Woman, Man, then Christ & God.

I titled this post common theme because what I see in the Spirit is an attack on the divine order in Christian homes. Satan does not have to wait for us to tip toe into the world to attack us when he can do his best work in our marriages and families. The battle rages in our homes and I have been so completely oblivious lately.

Nehemiah 4:14 says fight for your family. I have been fighting against mine.

Thank God for the Cross where I can repent, take up my sword and charge back into the battle, this time on the right side; the victorious side! That's what I'm talkin bout baby!

I am gearing up for a big fight. My plan is to fast the internet, junk food, possible meat, everything I can think of and seek God's Face until He shows me His Glory.

I pray for divine order in all the homes of all the people I know. Christian or not. My purpose has been redefined. It is to show the world Christ in me. I will not stop until the Light is back in my eyes.

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Badger said...

Your description of your eyes not matching your face is SO what I feel like! Our last sermon on Sunday was also about God's design for the family. You should listen to it, but I don't think it's online yet. Some others are: if you look at the last couple (The head of the woman is man, etc) in the first section. You might also check out, all the way at the bottom, the memorial for the unborn. Love ya!