Friday, June 27, 2008


I am so very tired today. This summer has been difficult for me for whatever reason but last night the 6 year old was up till almost midnight with some issue and I was awoken around 6am. Not unusual I must say.

We have had lots of 'family fun' too so combine that with all the nasty junk food and lack of time for exercise and the fatigue can be heard in my voice.

We saw Kung Fu Panda and the girls decided we should all wear black and white, like a panda and I did their hair to give them 'panda ears'. The movie was cute and we got snowcaps in popcorn. I ate till I was sick. SICK. The movie was at 3ish and I could not eat again that day my stomach was so messed up.

So today, the 4 year old comes in my room while I was reading and said her stomach hurt. Often something hurts on someone and I tell them they will be fine and go away. I was feeling lovey so I told her to come lay down and I would rub her belly. She did but said she just wanted me to pray for her so she could feel better. What a moment! Here I am feeling like I am a big fat tired, emotional, sinner and failure and I see some good I have done. I pray God equips me to continue my race till the end. Skidoosh!

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