Friday, February 23, 2007

Birthday Blessings

I turned 32 this year. God, as always, is amazing. The blessings in my life are beyond words. My day started at 5:30am with a surprize party. Kenneth was on nights so he woke the girls when he got home, they made me coffee and breakfast. There was confetti, a card and a red velvet cake (my favorite) along with a gift Avery bought me with a gift card she was given for Christmas. Emery made sure I had my favorite fork and even Adrian was excited it was my birthday and not upset it was NOT hers. All this after the girls cleaned the house for me the night before.

The girls dressed up and put on a 'play' for me which was pretty much them dancing and rolling around to clasical music. It was beautiful. My mom came by around 7:30am which sounds early but Ryan (1 yo) got here around 6:15am and by 7:30am Kelsie (5) and Ethan (2) were already here. Mom had 3 flavors of King Cake with her and by the time my sister showed up (late afternoon) with a ton of gormet candy for me, most of the cake was gone.

I got a ton of e-cards (PTL for internet!) and too many phone calls. I got a WalMart gift card from Ryan's parents ($25) and a restaurant gift card ($25) from Kelsie and Ethan's family. My mother in law gave me a nice card with a $50 check and my sister bought herself a birthday gift so I got that from her. We each just got ourselves something we wanted.

My mom got me a ticket to an all day bible study event with Beth Moore. I really was looking forward to that for several reasons. Besides really enjoying Beth Moore, I was glad to get to do something healthy with my mom, not to mention an entire day focused on God's Word. But it fell through last minutes. No one to keep my girls.

Ryan's mom Jo Lynn asked me to be her baby's godmother. I am going to be a Nanny. She has 3 sisters and 2 sisters-in-law and she asked me. I am honored.

Oh, and I have also been able to help out a few moms who have lost a baby. That is always good. The fact that God would use someone like me to do His Word has me in awe. His Love for me is humbeling. And so sweet. Better than the richest of foods. Thats what Im talkin bout Baby!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Quotable Notables

What a dumb, funny title.

Ok so I was going through some older notebooks (which means a few months ago I was using them, I just buy new ones often and hardly ever finish one) and I found some good stuff I had written down. Either notes from church, a book I was reading, something I heard or whatever.

Just thought they were worth hearing agian.

  • If you think about how children are often afraid of the dark, it actually makes sense. We are supposed to be afraid of the dark. We are told often in the bible to be like children. Stay in the Light. Stay afraid of the Dark.
  • Proverbs 11:25 says the greater your generosity, the greater your satisfaction.
  • If you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done to get it.
  • There is no reward apart from risk.
  • If hunger is not the problem, food is not the solution.
  • Respect means to show courteous regard for someone, to appreciate them, or to show consideration for them. Real respect does not lie and does not cover up a problem, it just means that the truth, no matter how hard, is discussed with kindness and gentleness, showing concern for other's feelings, as well as your own.

there are more but I am tired after fighting off the flu my 3 girls has had the past 2 weeks. I will turn my alarm off and go to bed. That's what I'm talking about baby.