Saturday, January 08, 2011


I need an Awakening.  Tomorrow I am starting a 21 day fast with my church based on the Awakening book (& website linked in title) by Stovell Weems.  I have attempted this before.  I have never been that successful at fasting but I am also not a quitter by nature.  A friend recently said to me something like 'I need to let go of the past & the pain.  It has changed who I am'.  I think pain SHOULD change who you are.  As cleche' as it is, pain in your life will make you bitter or better.  I have been bitter.  I want to be better.  I am hoping by fasting, I can refocus & move in 'better' direction.

I am at a job that I am mostly happy with.  I am dealing with being a working mom.  I am a little more stable financially.  I hate a little less.  But it could all be better.  

When I have tried fasting in the past, I never could focus on God much because I was so consumed by the discomfort of my flesh.  I would be grouchy & have no energy and never managed to function at a decent level.  The book Awakening has really got me amped about this fast though because I feel a bit more prepared and a little less legalistic & much more expectant.  I feel my faith has been strengthened & my unbelief has been helped.  It was a good book.  I hope it is a great fast that awakens my relationship with God.  Here's to hope in 2011.