Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Silence Solitude & Sun

Wow. Wow. I had the most lucious day! Last night my husband took the girls to his parents in my van. They spent the night and all day away. If I had had my van, I would have felt compelled to go get the girls in the morning but since I did not, I had a day.

I watched a movie last night. I slept naked. I slept in. Once I woke up, I read in bed. I took a nice long shower and even shaved my legs without inturruption. I did a few things while I had some coffee then got a brunch together and headed out to the pool. Ahhh.

I love my pool. It was so still and refreshing. The weather was perfect. I read a book. I swam. I floated. I laid out. Topless.

I do not wish to be a nudiest or anything. I like to sleep naked. My sister likes to sleep in super soft things. I just like it. I dont often because the girls have a hard time comprehending modesty. Swimming and laying out topless has a little to do with tan lines and is just fun. I like that too. I have a privacy fence and no neighbors. It was clean fun.

The day was not long enough, yet too long. I needed it so bad but it showed me I would not want any other life. I kept thinking I would listen to music or watch tv but I never did. I just soaked in the silence, the solitude and the sun.

I missed my family, but I enjoyed myself without them.

As I was floating on a raft-without small people climbing on me-enjoying my surroundings, I had a thought. Last year I used weed killer and tried to kill everything along the outside of the fence because it comes in, but this year, I have not done that. I thought of the inside of my fence as man made and outside the fence as God made and realized there is no way to keep God out. God made is much more powerful than man made. The proof of that is clearly seen in the buckles and cracks in the concrete around the pool where little green weeds have pushed through. I like to think of the me made walls and fences I built being invaded by God.

His Work is so lovely too. Water being one of my all time favorites! I hope to be like a mermaid (or wormaid as my little girls say) when I get to heaven. I love how things look and sound under water. Slower and sensual. Flowy and graceful. Delicious and refreshing. I drank living water today. Thats what Im talkin bout baby!

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