Sunday, July 27, 2008

School Year Goals

I love tourchuring myself with long to do lists and furthering the torment with a time frame. I find some sort of morbid thrill in boxing myself in and hope I burn off a few hundred calories from self inflicted panic attacks.

We have only 2 weeks of summer left and the only goal we have not crossed off the list is to go bowling as a family. Granted our summer fun list is easy (albeit expensive) to do. We get together as a family at the end of school and list all we want to do over the summer. We saw a movie and dressed like pandas. We ate at a restaurant AND developed an interest in archery on our Bass Pro Family Fun Day. We hit Sonic up for $1 shakes. We went to Lake Charles (not enough but CHECK!). We visited the library. This one was more educational than usual. I checked out a book on how babies were made. It even had pictures and diagrams. Yup. A moment of silence for my husband please.

Thank you. We had movie night where we made pallets in the living room, made popcorn with chocolate chips in it and threw bed time out the window for the night. We gave belly dancing a good go. We had friends over and had swim days and went on vacation. We even went to the New Orleans zoo. It was a great summer. My tan is BLAM! My boobs in a swim suit KABOOM! I am just saying. $5000 and yours can be too. Believe me, no one even noticed my fat ass. Thats what IM talkin bout baby. My pool boy/husband did a bang up job this year. I love my pool and I love my husband.

So now, I need to start compiling my school year plan. I need to revamp the girl's schedules and to do lists (of COURSE I make them do lists. It says to do this in the Old Testament, remember Hezikiah?). I need to factor in soccer and dance and pottery and worship practice and whatever else they can talk me into that my balancing husband does not talk me back out of. I also like to set some personal goals for me, the girls individually and the family as a whole. *squeel* I am giddy with panicy excitement!!

I have to have the list in black and white so I can cross through compleated tasks. This is very important. We have our daily lists in sheet protectors and cross through each item with a dry erase marker but the goals needs to actually be crossed through.

The only thing I know for sure that will make the list is going non profit. I have said I was doing that for years now. Time to walk the walk. I also really want my punching bag put back up. I want to put 'punch hard and daily' on my list. YEAH baby! I am not actually making the list yet but will be soon. For now I will just enjoy the nauseating feeling of butterflies while I contemplate just how many goals I will attempt this school year. Whoop!

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