Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Sneak Attack

So middle child has had 2 loose teeth all summer. Oldest finds a slight wiggle in her mouth and within 24 hours has extracted tooth. We have been on the middle child to get that thing out of her head but she has just been so cautious.

Not sure why but last night we all worked on it and thought we would get it out before midnight. I thought it would have been special since yesterday was National Cheesecake Day. It did not happen but we all felt optomistic about it coming out in the very near future. We celebrated with cheesecake anyway and since the tooth was still not out I had a martini. I was not upset but just thought it a fine excuse for a White Chocolate Strawberry Martini.

We worked on it all day and every time she asked for something I would say, 'ok, after you get that tooth out'. I did not mean it but she worked hard on it. I tried yanking on it a few times but she whined and I did not want to make her cry because then the lost tooth gift may cost even more than it already will.

So I was getting ready to go to the post office and I hear the older 2 yelling. Oldest had done the sneak attack and snatched that thing right outta middle child's mouth! Thats what Im talkin bout cuz that is just how we roll around here! That's my girls!

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Whittaker Woman said...

It must be loose a tooth week! How fun. H