Monday, July 21, 2008

Color and why I hate professional Photographers

This weekend was the big family reunion in NOLA. It was fun like listening to my mother-in-law rant about white people then reminding her in mid rant that I am white is fun. No one could figure out if it was me or my husband that was related by blood because I am almost as dark as him. We liked that.

My youngest refused to be in most of the pictures except one set with the professional and only then if we let her wear her daddy's coat. She is 4. He is a 3x. I think the photographer hated me as much as I hated him.

My oldest was 'hired' to make balloon animals for the children that attended and I told her to only give the kids 3-4 options to make it easier. One thing she made well was a sword, except it looked like a penis to my husband after a jack and coke. Most of the kids in the room were playing with them. *giggle*

I did love that all 135ish people who attended reconized we were all 'family' on some level and there was every color there. From blond to black, then back to shades and hair tectures from every where in between. It was nice to be defined more by family line than race because race was too muddled to consider. That is the kind of world I would like for my daughters. Not black pride or white power or having to choose a side.

Now getting 135 people into a single photograph the photographer was happy with made me want to break up with everyone there but I am not that fond of photographers to begin with. That experience was way too familiar and made me want to stab people with plastic cutlery.

So even though I do not try to act like having a black husband makes me personally black, I did see color from a different perspective this weekend. And really, the only thing white about me is my teeth. Thats what Im talkin bout.


Badger said...

G says you ain't white! =)

Love ya,

daphne said...

Most people say that. What is funny is since marrying me, Kenneth got whiter and I got blacker. We are very Cafe au Lait!