Thursday, July 03, 2008

Be Careful What you Wish for

I am not a fan of debt. My first 3 vehicles I paid cash for. So they were peices of junk but I was not in debt. Then the two became one!

My husband and I are different in many ways. He is black. I am white. He is into computers and electronice, they hate me and conspire against me. He hates heights and to fly. I love flying and heights. He is not a fan of water. I want to be a mermaid. Oh! And he is a credit card lover! Me, not so much.

I have always watched enviously the debt consolidation comercials on tv and wished to be the wife in them. My husband does not trust help and feels if he asks for it in any way, shape or form, The Man will get him!!

God told me years ago to hand over the finances to my husband and I balked at the idea. Basically God informed me Kenneth would never learn until he got behind the wheel. After years of him running us into trees, posts and concrete blocks, I was like, 'really God?' He was like, 'Yeah. Really. Trust Me. Trust him. Stop trying to control everything.'

So, I do not know what happened. I maybe do not want to know, but my husband asked if I was ok with not having any credit cards. I was like HELL YEAH. He did some kinda debt consolidation. Just like I wanted.

Uh. Shit. No back up? None? What about all the times I went to buy food and my check card was denied and I whipped out the credit card? What about emergancy car repairs, medical bills and what about vacations?!? All that stuff was on credit cards! What about dates and family fun days and shopping trips when Kenneth does something wrong and buys me something pretty?

This is just what I asked for. Hmm. Maybe me and Kenneth hame more in common than I thought. Maybe Trust is not either of our strong suits. Crap.

I got what I wished for. Thats what Im talkin bout baby. HA!

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Badger said...

LOL!!! I *SO* could have written this myself!