Tuesday, August 05, 2008

40 days of prayer and perspective

Recently I was asked to share a dream of mine. Something big that was beyond myself. I dream of a clean house and freedom from debt and a retirement plan in Orlando with a part time job at Disney World (THE happiest place on earth! Seriously. The church can learn a thing or two from Disney). I was asked about a dream beyond what I could do. Something God inspired.

So here goes. I dream to visit orphans in Africa (specifically Mozambique where we have a church plant) with my entire family to do missions work. Like, for a year. I know. My husband hates to fly, to work hard, to not have all modern conviences within arm's reach, to sweat and to be face to face with things that may invoke feelings. My children are 4, 6 and 8 and cried for their own beds after 3 nights in a posh Disney suite. We have a mountain of debt (Matthew 17:20). I can hardly stay saved around my mother. I know. It is a God sized dream. And since He reigns and all...

And listen. I understand how long a year is. I am not trying to set a time limit but I just do not feel a 6 day mission trip to anywhere other than Orlando is where my heart is. I was in the Army. While my best friends were getting drunk at Senior Frogs in Cancun, I was getting up before 4am to get screamed at while I ran agabazillion miles with a ruck on my back almost as tall as me and only about 50 pounds lighter than me. I was shipped straight out of basic training to Soul, Korea at 18 years old without even a pair of underwear that was not basic issue.

I understand what it is like to not understand the main language spoken and shove a wad of foreign money at shop keepers and pray they do not screw me too bad as they take 'what I owe' for my purchases. I understand how after a while, the thought of an Exxon gas station or a WalMart can make a person cry from a new level of homsickness. I am just an all or nothing kinda girl.

My family sponsors a boy named Tokozoni through Mission of Mercy and it makes me a little sick as I sit at my 19 inch hot pink Dell loptop shoving a buttered toasted bagel (breakfast for supper night) in my overweight mouth but I try not to go there. I cant really. I just thank God for the geographical grace He gave my family to be a 'rich American family' and join in on things like Children's Cup's Forty Days of Prayer. And I dream.

Pray with me. Dream with me. Let's move some mountains.
Ps..that child belongs to us. It is the middle child at about one year old on a day her daddy was in charge. *giggle*


bub said...

You are so funny! I think your dream is wonderful. I also read your comment on candid chatter and you are absolutely correct. The glass IS half full. Christ has freed us from all the guilt and pain we have been suffering from! We have His Grace which like the song says, is enough. OK, now a more serious matter. Why can't I add you to my google reader? Grrrr. Hope you guys are doing great, side hugs and leg drops,


10ECVOL said...

And I thought it was one of the kids from your dreams. Hee Hee.

By the way, found your blog through Stuff Christians Like and after clicking the "I understand and wish to continue button" for content (never saw that before), I read some of your blog. It is funny and heartwarming at the same time.

Great getting to know you and your family through your blog.


HappyFLMom said...

I love your dream. I embrace your dream. We share dreams... sort of. I want to be a medical missionary. I am trying to go to school to become a nurse all the while raising a family and having another baby. I'm determined and a little crazy. But I am so with you! Good luck and I'll say a prayer that it's in God's will for your life.

Love that we met. Love your comments on my blog. Love how you put things in better perspective for me. Love it!

Heidi Reed