Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Recently my pastor featured a couple at church and the wife has a blog.

I decided a couple years ago to face some sexual traumas from my past and I began blogging my way through that insanity. I had all this crap to get out but did not want to share my ugliest demons with anyone I had to look into the eyes so I blogged and assumed no one read. I assumed that because I had never found a personal blog I would like to read. Once I posted a comment on our church blog and a good friend of mine informed my dumbass that a comment would link directly to my blog. ERASE!! Eventually I started a less XXX-rated blog and was emailed a link to Stuff Christians I wish I knew how to make the words be a link but as noted earlier, dumbass on the keyboard. I would respond and a few people checked me out and thus begins my blog addiction.

I am now interested in reading other blogs so when my pastor mentions this woman has one, I looked her up. She is cool but I do not want to respond to her blog because she was featured by my church. I am not as much of a dumbass as I was in all things blog so I just figured her blog is getting lots of church attention right now and I am attempting to NOT be center of attention in my church because that does not often turn out how I expect and is often a painful lesson in humility.

So this featured woman links to another blog and this is where my point (and title link) come in!! *WOW, I can spiderweb!! It is a gift.*
I go to this other blog and she is talking about fasting on Mondays for the orphans. I am so in!!
Here is why, one thing I want to do this school year is fast more often and more regularly. Also I need to lose 10 pounds because my clothes do not fit and I like pants with buttons on them.

Also, for whatever reason, orphans have been on my heart a lot. In this way;
  • I came up with a God sized dream that was about helping orphans
  • my church called me and interviewed me about my dream (WT...! Of course I spiderwebbed the hell outa my dream and the lady was done with me and I had never gotten back to my original point so not sure how that will turn out)
  • I committed to 40 days of Prayer with Children's Cup, all for the orphans and stuff relating
  • my husband and I are attending an adoption seminar this weekend (WHAT?!? That is GOD people!!)
  • The first mentioned blog is kinda orphan related and then the fast on Mondays thing
  • I got a letter from the child we sponsor through Missions of Mercy
  • I am hurting more over the daughter I lost. It is intensified and I feel it is related

I dunno, I just do not believe in coincidences. It is a lot of focus in one area for me. I am excited to see where this goes.

If you are interested, click the title of this post to find the blog that started the idea. I feel something supernatural around me. Like anticipation and excitement or something. Come on in boys, the water's fine!

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