Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Birds and the Bees

Did I blog this? We read Superfudge this summer and after telling the older 2 how babies were made I got a book from the library detailing and illustrating the point. Not being able to leave the youngest out, I read it to her also.

There are times in my marriage when I am pretty sure my husband totally disagrees with me about something but he is just not into confrontation. I think this is one of those issues. He made another comment today and the book is already returned after a 2 week stay at our home.

I think I am right. SURPRIZE! I think my girls need to know the truth so when they are confronted with lies they will be equipped. Unlike I was. Ooohh. Am I projecting? I started my period at 9 and thought I was dying when pressure did not stop the bleeding. My mom did not know till I was 13. I want open lines of communication. I think my husband just does not want to deal with girl things or all things sex because he does not want to think of their sexuality on any level. My thoughts are what can I do to give my daughters a healthy view of sex and let them know we can discuss anything and everything.

We had a last day of summer family fun day. Well, we were supposed to anyway. Some certain male in our family did not soo much enjoy our idea of a fun day (window shopping at the mall). It is funny. I think he would rather me spend all his money that force him into quality time situations. Speaking of money. I so very much will one day spend $50 plus on a pair of high heeled crocks. I wanted them so bad today but I am an adult. They were like sex for my feet. If you like sex which I do.

I should have bought the shoes. Not only is it the last day of summer for my older 2 but football has started. At least my feet could be having sex.


Badger said...

My good friend Nan said her dr told her that if you don't tell your daughter about sex by the time she's nine, someone else will. I'm guessing I'm going to have to have that talk really soon. Any pointers?

daphne said...

I read somewhere children need to know the truth by the time they go to Kindergarten. That is what I did but I also have always talked about other things from super little. Like when they find a tampon and ask what it was for, I gave a 2 year old answer.

Being pregnant (with a GIRL!!! YAY!) is the perfect opportunity. Ask how they think you got pregnant and if they have any other questions. I tell mine all. They know the penis goes into the vagina and everything. Avery said 'I am never letting someone stuff their penis into my vagina!'. I told her ok, but you may feel different when you are older.

After our talk, I went to the library and looked through all their books until I found one I was comfortable with and checked it out. I read it to the girls and then let them read it on their own.

I would have went to a book store and bought one bec. I think it is good to have for refresher courses but Kenneth got a new phone so no groceries this paycheck. ; )

I want them to have a positive view of sex and feel like it is normal to talk to me about all things sex. I did tell them bec. it involves private parts we do not talk about it with just anyone. Just like we can not let just anyone see us naked.

Email me with any questions or to dialoge more on this. It is not easy to talk about but I just fake it till I make it. NEVER LET UM SEE YA SWEAT! ; )