Tuesday, August 19, 2008


She did not do it! She chickened out and did not even give the teacher the note. Knocked me off my high horse right quick. Now I gotta punish her and talk to the teacher and it was supposed to all be over by now. CRAP! CRAP CRAP CRAPP!


bub said...

I don't care, your daughter was still awesome for coming to you and telling you what happened. Then coming back and telling you what REALLY, really happened. Sometimes we just get all the courage sucked out of us by seeing the easier, softer way. Shoot, it happens to me at 42. I think it's great that your daughter trusts you enough that she can tell you the truth when maybe she didn't have to say anything at all.

daphne said...

Thanks Bub. She is awesome. You are right, it happens to me all the time too. My pride is just a little bruised. The Truth still reigns.