Monday, October 30, 2006

You Can Not Outgive God

My Pastor says that a lot. Not that I am saying I am some big giver. In fact I usually feel I do not give enough. But I want to give. I want my heart to be right. I want to honor God with all I have.

I actually learned something at church this weekend. In the story of Elijah and the sacrifice after the 3 1/2 years of no rain, I thought he drenched his sacrifice with water to show up the followers of Baal and say after your god did nothing, mine will show up with fire even though all this wet stuff will be really hard to burn. I kinda looked at Elijah using water to mock the followers of Baal but he gave what was hard to give. There was lots of wood but there was not much water. He sacrificed what hurt to give not what was easy because he had so much excess. There was no pain in sacrificing the bull or the wood or the stones. It was the water that was precious and Elijah was generous with his sacrifice of water. Way cool!

I have an event coming up that I can give away bears at. In the past at events like this, I know some people will take anything that is free wether they need it or even want it. I have had people take my display items before and then go and take from every table in the room. I want to give freely and I do not want to not give to those who need because of the ones who dont. But I have been debating what to do because once you give to some, those who want free stuff will want their share too.

Each bear is just over $4 with tax and shipping so to give away 25 will cost me $100. Not an easy decision to make right before the extra cost of Christmas right around the corner. At the Fall Fest last night (that Kenneth and I volunteered to work), a woman came up to me. I kept her son when I worked nursery and we see each other around but I do not even know her name. She heard about AAU somehow and said she had something for me. She handed me $100 cash.

That's what I'm talking about baby.

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