Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Self Control

Why is it so hard? Why, as a Christian do I lack self control on such a regular basis. I refuse to use my monthly cycles as an excuse to become unsaved but I sure act like I need hands laid on me every month. I got a good tip from that said to keep track of your period so you will be able to prepair yourself, emotionally, spiritually and physically. GREAT idea because I am usually caught off guard. So now I am keeping track. Of what? How mean I was to my family yesterday? Blech!

Now for some balance. I will not talk about how while in a dead sleep from taking medications my husband woke me up when he was awake to take Adrian to the bathroom where she peed on me. No sence in making myself cry this early in the day. ; )

I do NOT NOT NOT have jury duty today. Thank You Jesus! I also have been ministering to a mother who had a miscarriage at 9 weeks and is having a hard time. She keeps telling me how much she appreciated what I do with Angels Among Us. And get this, she is a nurse at Woman's. She has never heard of me. She wants to try and do something to change that. What an answered prayer!!!

And one more little thing. I am fitting back into SOME of my clothes and the big thing is, I am happy where I am. Now, thats what Im talkin about!

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