Friday, October 13, 2006

This Little Piggy Went to the Zoo

Emery's first ever field trip was so great! So caiotic! So perfect! Adrian had the first trip to the zoo she remembers. She was amazed. There is just not much you can say to describe the wonder of a child's first experience with something fasinating. PRECIOUS.

At the end of the trip we went to the souvineer shop and I found these tiny little pigs. I asked Adrian if she wanted one and she said yes so I bought one. At the last minute I decided to buy 3 little piggies, one for each of my girls. It was funny because '3 little pigs'. Adrian was thrilled and was role playing with them and they were small enough to all fit in her chubby little fist. We were walking the same path out that we came in and I look down and see a 4th little piggy. It may seem weird to some, but I felt like it was a precious gift from God. He gave me a piggy for each of my girls. And right after a day when I cried to Him about missing my Rya. How sweet is that! That is what I am talking about, Jesus.

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