Thursday, November 02, 2006


Last night was more of what Lost should be. As long as we waited and wanted to 'meet the Others', I almost wished we had not come to this point in our saga.

Mr Eko has been by far one of my favorite characters (yes, even more than Sawyer-shh). In a general way I related to him and felt like I had some insight into his character because of it. As a child, he made a decision, a sacrifice really, that left his brother to the Light side while Eko had to go the way of the Dark side. Sure he had a choice. But sometimes that choice is kill or be killed. Reguardless of our intentions and lack of choice in certain situations, the Darkness hardens your heart. Remember, it is kill or be killed. As a survival mecanizm, we even choose to harden our hearts more than the circumstances we find ourselfs in. Eko was bad because he was good. *sob*

Then enters Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound! In this weeks episode, Eko was told over and over to confess. To me that represented the legalism that had him bound most of his life. Be bad to be good. Be good to be bad. A Truth of God that Satan twisted to keep God's children in slavery. When Eko's life was spared and his brother's lost, it could be easy to say Romans 8:28 is not true (all things work together for our good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes). Satan would want Eko to believe he was being punished for his sins (legalism). But the Truth is, he was being given grace, a second chance. God spoke to me when Eko decided to say he was NOT sorry for what he did. God said ALL THINGS NEW.

When my first daughter died I was not a Christian and I believed for a while I was being punished. When I finally became a Christian and learned of God's love, I no longer thought that way. I also realized that when Rya lost her life, I found life-eternal life. Same with Eko and his brother. The brother lost his life but because of it, well, I am getting ahead of myself.

But when, as a new Christian, I learned about repeantance and confess your sins to one another and that line, I got angry and almost turned my back on God.

See, I was married and pregnant again but was not married the first time and I refused to repent for having pre-marital sex because my daughter resulted from it. It was a short life but it meant the world to me, still does. I told my spiritual mentor I was through with God and I was not sorry for creating my daughter. That was when she introduced me to Grace.

I feel like in the episode, Eko had to face his past (his fears) and view them in light of God's Truth. Remember, he is now a man of God. He took his second chance seriously. When he was able to see the Truth, he then had the strength to accept the grace (NOT an easy thing to do) and refuse to give in to legalism. It was then that Eko recieved Peace.

I am sad to not have Eko on the show anymore but I am happy for the way it ended. Romans 8:28 is still True on The Island. That's what Im talking about Eko!

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