Monday, February 11, 2008

Unusual Recovery

I understand my surgery situation is not the norm. For so many reasons. First of all, I feel God's favor and mercy all over my situation. I have not found anyone who has heard of someone who has had as much surgery as me recover so fast. I have been reading a lot of breast augmentation sites on line and I can not believe how easy my recovery has been compaired to what I read. I understand I slept through the worst of the breast aug. recovery. I told my mom I really do not remember a lot of the first few days Post Op.

The sites I read had the first few days of recovery as very difficult. I remember a lot of pressure on my chest. I remember feeling like I worked out my chest too hard. I know I vomited a lot from my pain pump but I also remember thinking it was not that bad considering all my surgeries.

I told 2 friends considering a breast aug. it was easy peesy lemon squeezy. I wonder if I lead them astray. I went to church 11 days after 3 doctors did surgeries on me. Now as far as the breast aug., I did talk to other women who had an easy go themselves. And I was very stretched out already, I have been bigger than I am while nursing. I dunno. Maybe it is just a huge blessing from God. Maybe I am just God's favorite. That's what I'm talkin bout, BABY!

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