Wednesday, February 06, 2008

1 week Post-Operations

So I plan to be honest here. I cleared and wiped down the kitchen and bathroom counters today. It hurt. I found socks on the kitchen counter! Like 4 pairs! It is just too much NOT getting done. It truely is in part necessity. Well, a little, anyway.

The problem is I feel good enough to be on my feet for longer periods of time and my cath. came out yesterday and Kenneth is playing the flu card big time. I mean, he ALWAYS does not feel good, I mean e.v.e.r.y. d.a.y. and then when I am down with something (i.e. pregnancy, labor, delivery, whatever) he reeeeaaaally gets to not feeling good. So it is a comical and crule irony that during the time I need him most he actually has something keeping him down.

So what do I do? All the people who say they want to help only can do so much. It is not their fault everything in my house needs to be washed because Avery is spreading her Poison Ivy around and Adrian is coughing on everything and everybody. It is no one's fault the washing machine went out. It is not a friend or family members responsibility to do daily maintainence on the house. That falls to me.

So I sort through the trash and the socks and the girl's school papers and the perscriptions and try not to focus too long on the dirt and grime I see in so many corners. I want to focus on being greatful and thankful for what help I do get and on my quick recovery and on all the blessings and wealth of my life. My breast are looking more normal and how many people get the blessing of a breast augmentation? I am doing a photo journal and have before and one week after so far. While very bruised and mulit-colored right now, I think they look nice. Not crazy or over done, but nice. Time will tell if they are what Im talkin about, baby.

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