Thursday, February 21, 2008


My birthday was lovely. It really was. I got some yummy doghnuts with candles in them and Kenneth and the girls sang. I really like the card Kenneth got me and he also bought me a Valentine coffee mug that is really cute AND it was 1/2 price! I like that. I also got some super cool surprizes. My cousin works for Woman's Hospital where I had my surgery in accounting and emailed me to say I had been over-charged for my surgery and she would bring me a check on my birthday for $850! That is a BIG refund! WOO HOO!

Then, and this may be my favorite, I got a get well card from my friend Debbie who is a nurse at Woman's and she got some nurses she works with to all sign the card and each one wrote a personal message about how much my bears mean and they collected $50 for Angel Among Us bears. Knowing what I do is making a difference is what means the most to me. Those women did not even know me but they not only collected money but wrote me a personal message. It was so sweet. So encouraging.

I also was taken to lunch by a friend who gave me a gift as well. A sexy red lacy bra in my new size. I can not wear it yet but the intentions were sweet. I can not wear it because the left side is still very high and they are just not exactly fitting into any cups yet. not sure what that is about. I am keeping a photo journal and while they look better, they are just very lopsided right now.

I got a small cookie bouquet and a way cool journal from Erin and my father and mother in law brought supper and cake and ice cream (plus they give me a check-usually $50). My dad came by this weekend and weirdly gave me soap, lotion, a candel and a card with $100. After the New York plane and show ticket from my mom, I feel my cup is overflowing.

The last thing I felt was a huge gift, this one from my Heavenly Father, my tree bloomed this year! Full up and on time! For the first time in 8 or 9 years! My sister bought it for me when I was pregnant for Avery but I did not know I was pregnant yet. I took the test on March 4th, Em's future birthday. Back to the tree; she gave it to me my birthday February 1999. I guess that was 9 years ago then. There was also a lunar eclipse but it was too cloudly and too late to see anything.

All in all, it was a super great birthday. I loved it. That's what I'm talkin' bout BABY!

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