Thursday, February 07, 2008


I had a little revelation from God. First He told me NOT to read a book I was reading and I did not listen. So I had horrible pornagraphic dreams that turned bloody and violent before my dumb butt finally realized I needed to obey. I am asking for the Word of my God to bring life and radient life (Prov. 4:20-22) to my family and I can not expect to be rewarded for my blatent disobedience.

I put the book away. No more dreams. Still need radient health because my daughter is breaking my heart. And Kenneth not being well and me recovering and being so uncomfortable with depending on anyone had us fighting yesterday. He was hurt because he did so much that needed to be done while feeling so bad and I found a few things to complain about. I was suprized to know how hurt he was by my complaints. I knew it was not good and tried to keep from doing it. I think I just hated feeling so helpless and dependant. We talked it out. I told him I felt like God told me something about the situation. He told me He used Kenneth getting the flu to show him he needed to step up and take responsibility no matter how he felt. It is something he avoids and finds crutches every chance he gets. This time Kenneth was not only not let off the hook, but he actually had good reason to want to let someone else take the slack. I think Kenneth maybe learned something about himself. I hope he did.

I was NOT off the hook. I needed to trust Kenneth to be there for me when I needed him and my way is not the only way that is right or even better. I need to depend on Kenneth on a much deeper level than I do. I need to NOT depend on myself. I need to trust God. I need to trust Kenneth. He came through. He did. He not only came through, he came through while he had the flu. How can I critize that?!? Yet, I did. And I am sorry.

I am sorry I cleaned up as much as I did. I told myself over and over I was going to take care of my self and not over do it. I want to take care of myself and allow Kenneth to love me and be the father and husband God created him to be. I have been keeping him from what God has planned for his life. He is an amazing man who has overcome so much and shined in so many areas. I am so blessed, yet I act like he is so wrong.

I hear from God and I immediately and joyfully obey. That's what I'm talkin bout baby!

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