Saturday, February 23, 2008

My New Secret!

I have been keeping a photo journal of my breast augmentation recovery and while my recovery has been incredible, I was quite upset with my 3 week pics. First I could not find a bra that worked and had the crazy notion I would be in a sports bra forever. Then, even though I read that a normal recovery is much more tramatic than mine, I keep fighting panic that the left side will never drop like the right has. I keep thinking I will need a second surgery or live with a deformity and just basicly being silly.

So kinda spur of the moment, I went bra shopping. I looked and looked and could not find exactly what I wanted then finally tried on a few with devestating results. I thought to myself, these C cups are just not big enough! Then I realized no one ever told me I was a C. As far as facts go, I have implants that are 400cc's. People ask me my new size and I always say 36C. No idea why if I think about it.

So I went got the bras I thought woud work in D cups and what do you know? They fit wonderfully! I am a D. A 36D! OK, so. Here is where I am on that note:

First of all, a certain part of me wanted to say 'if I am gonna do this, then let's do this! Let's go Jessica Rabbit!' But it is like I told Kenneth, it is one thing to say I wanted to repair pregnancy and breast feeding damage by going from an almost B to a full C and quite another to say, yeah, I went from an A to a D. That is not repair work, that is 'I want bigger tits' work. But I LOVE them! And Kenneth loves them! I just feel like I need to keep it a secret. I am not one to lie really so if people ask I may go ahead and tell them, but so many people asked already and think C so I think I should keep that a secret and it makes me feel a little naughty and giddy.

Too bad I bought some C bras and even had a friend give me one as a gift in a size that apparently is not my actual size. So I am a size I kinda wanted to be but I do not want people to know that I am but it is kinda cool so That's what Im talkin bout BABY!

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