Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Start of Something New

So 2009 has begun and it has been better than my end of 2008. I have much more hope. I hear God speaking to me which blasted the lie that He can not possibly still want someone who wishes her own mother would die. I will start counseling next week to deal with that issue and I have hope about that as well.

I got to write a verse, Matthew 8:20 to be exact, in a handwritten bible Zondervan is putting out this year and that was way cool! My older girls each wrote a verse as well. The title links to a website about that.

We had a death on my love's side of the family and it was interesting to see how all these agnostic, Methodist, catholic & Bahia people reacted to the death of a very old crotchety woman who had never been all that nice and needed a LOT of care because she was so old. Sometimes I wonder if God is disappointed that I do not 'witness' to this side of my family more. I just feel it will do more harm than good to tell them 'you are stupid for not believing in God. It is the ONLY thing that makes sense and you are going to burn in hell if you are wrong so again, it is stupid to NOT believe.' I dunno. I do not have time to beat myself up over that one.

My word for 09 is Home. I feel like I am supposed to focus on home more and be home more and make home a priority and here we are 8 days into the year and I think i have been home 1 week day so far. I also committed to sitting with my Granny a few hours a week for my Paw Paw to get stuff done and to have lunch once a week with my daughters. God never said it would be easy. Last year my word was joy. I thought that sounded great until I realized I was supposed to learn to keep my joy even when my circumstances were shit.

My love booked our Disney vacation for this year and we are stoked! Only thing is this time I am not making money like I was last time we went AND we do not have credit cards anymore so we are going to have to make some cutbacks all year to splurge for those magical 5 days in December.

I typically read tons of books at once and so far, here is my Book List:

  • Crazy Love by Francis Chan (actually a book club book with SCL)
  • Created to be his Help Meet by Debi Pearl
  • 5 Conversations you Must Have with your Daughter by Vicki Courtney (I would love reviews from anyone who has read this)
  • Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent

I am sure I will add more before I check any of these off but I am starting light this year so I can see how taxing this counseling stuff will be. Plus I am still working on becoming a non-profit so that needs much attention too.

So there it is. My version of a resolution. OH! And I totally plan to cuss a LOT.

Thats what Im talkin bout, baby!


HappyFLMom said...

I've been praying for you. I am glad things are better. LOL about evangelizing the non-believing family. Yeah, just live your life. Sometimes that's all it takes.

I also want to be more here when I'm here (at home). I feel like I spend too much time online and not enough time interacting with my kids. It's a guilt thing. Guess once my body is mine again I can worry about it more. For now, rest I will.

XO and miss you online.


I Whisper to God said...

Hi Daphane,
I am a new following and I enjoy your blog. I've got some blog love for you here.

Come on over and pick up your award.


katdish said...

Hey there! I've seen you on SCL quite a bit and I think I've even been over here a time or two. I swore to myself that if I followed one more blog that I would have to give up my job, stop bathing and become a full-time hermit, but still...Your comment on SCL this morning just made me bust a gut! You are a funny gal. And while I don't encourage profanity and try my best not to cuss, it is strangely liberating and delightful isn't it?

daphne said...

did I cuss on SCL or did you mean here? Because that is why I have a %^&*ing content warning. ; )
And really, bathing is SOO over rated.

katdish said...

Nah, you didn't cuss on SCL. (Unless you consider "hell" cussing, and if you do, you should probably pack up your mule and move to Amish country.)

And I feel for you on the family witnessing thing. At least they're firmly committed to one team. I have family members that claim to be Christians, but do everything in their power to convince me otherwise...

daphne said...

either you have not read enough of my blog or I do a horrible job of explaining how jacked up my 'Christian' family members are. ; )