Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Black President & No More Meat

As bad as my last year ended, the start of 2009 has really been pretty amazing. While I did not vote for Obama, I am a supporter of the President of the United States of America and also, I can not overlook the significance of electing our first black president. It was only 48 years ago that the first black student went to what was an all white school in New Orleans LA. The girl was 6 years old and in the first grade. Her life was not only threatened that day simply because of the color of her skin, but she was the only student in attendance that day. Every white child in her class was kept home by the parents because they did not want their children in the same room as a black child.

I have a 6 year old daughter in the first grade and there a lot of children in her class that I can not tell what race they are. There are also obvious white, black, Spanish & Asian children. It hurts my heart to even think of the kind of treatment that little girl experienced 48 years ago. I did not remember the inauguration until almost noon on the 20th but once I put the TV on, I watched for the remainder of the day. Once again, I surprised myself by being kinda emotional about the whole thing. Who knew I had so many feelings?!?

Today starts another big change in my world. I have a friend fighting cancer and she decided to try a vegetarian diet in an attempt to beat the disease. I offered to do it with her so she would not feel so alone. I have been telling everyone what I am doing to avoid situations like today. I told my in laws yesterday. Today I was offered sausage, a burger and chicken by them. As day one, it was easy to say no thanks but will it always be? I do need to drop a few pounds. 5 will work, 10 would be better. Lots of my clothes do not fit. Not sure if going veggie will help with that but I want to make healthier choices anyway. So, yeah, I am now a vegetarian. Meat is NOT what Im talkin bout, baby.


Brenda said...

The story of the little black girl hurt my heart also. It's just so unbelievable. It's kind of cool that this week in my bible study our memory verse is 1 Samuel 16:7b: "For the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."

That's such a kind thing of you to support your friend by joining her as a vegetarian. Wishing you both well in this healthy endeavor.

katdish said...

My dad was raised in a very old southern white family. My mom is Japanese and her family was even more racist than my dad's. Growing up, I thought that everything in my life would be okay if only I had blond hair and blue eyes. I am grateful that my kids won't go through what I did. I am encouraged that America has elected the first man of color as president. He's not black, he's bi-racial. Not to split hairs or anything, but I can't imagine disavowing half of my heritage just because everyone was calling me white or Asian, because I am both. (Would you?)

P.S. - Check out my cartoon blogger - SCL Lightning Round Post today. You're in there (twice, actually).

daphne said...

My love & I say all the time Obama is not black. Then again we also know because we have bi-racial kids that when you have black in you, you are often considered black reguardless. It is funny to me how people pick & choose to suite their needs and wants.

HappyFLMom said...

Good luck going Veg!! You have a heart of gold.

All the Best,
heidi reed