Monday, December 01, 2008

Psalm 19:14

I do not feel it, I do not even really want it, but how can I deny a God Who sends me so much support and encouragement when I am at my worst?

I am still in the Word and have chosen to say out loud as often as I can Psalm 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in Your eyes oh Lord my Rock & my Redeemer.

Thanks to each of you for holding me up when I could not do it myself. Yall are gold.


Brenda said...

Psalm 19:14 is a beautiful verse. I pray the Lord will give you strength and healing as you pray it to Him. Thinking of you and praying.

Badger said...

Thinking of you today...hope the clouds let in a crack of sunlight today.