Thursday, September 11, 2008

You know you are from Louisiana when...

you wear high heeled crocs! Yes. I know. But it makes sense now. See, when they first came out I remember thinking NEVEERRRR!

They were ugly, more than I like to pay for shoes and they were ugly. I heard they were comfortable but as much as I love comfort, they are ugly.

So then I realized that young children can put them on by themselves and if they accidentally tee tee on them selves, you can just rinse the shoes off!

Brilliant! All my girls got a knock off pair.

They were everywhere! Women wore them to church even! Now, usually they were the ones with the sparkly diamondy things in the holes so they were 'dressy'.

My aunt that lived next door wore them and when she passed away, I inherited my first pair. I loved her a lot and wore them often around the house. They were perfect for walking the girls to and from the bus, putting the trash out, burning trash, cutting grass. LOTS of things! They slipped on and off easy. You can wear them with or without socks and when they get wet or dirty it was no big deal! And they were comfortable.

Still, I never left the house with them on, well, not on purpose anyway.

Then we went on vacation with my sister and her husband and she had croc flip flops. They were not that cute (not ugly really but not that cute) but WOW they were the most comfortable flip flops I ever wore PLUS they can get wet and clean up so easy!

Still, for the money, they had to be something I would want to wear out the house which they were not. Until now!

I found these cuties and they are so berry comfortable and I can wear them outside without worrying about the weather or where I am walking. I can even walk the acre and a half gravel driveway toting the trash cans in them. Perfect for southern Louisiana!

That's what I'm talkin bout baby!
ps..that is my love's feet in the first pic with mine and yes, he is wearing 2 different flip flops. He could not find their matches. Next I am buying the Lenas for my winter pair.


Whittaker Woman said...

You still can't sell me... :) H

Alison said...

to cute! since I am here in cold country I am going to buy me a pair of the lined ones. Brock has them and loves them. But will be for just around the house

daphne said...

Heather! I have lived in Georgia and while it is not Louisiana, I still think you could benefit. Find a store that carries them (yall have Journeys?) and try them on. I dare ya!

Brenda said...

Ok, the high heeled crocs look cute on your feet, but have to agree with whittaker woman..... you still can't sell me either!

FeatherIron said...

I love the High Heel Crocks!! I so want a pair!

Whittaker Woman said...

You made me laugh... I must admit we did have a pair in our house that my mother in law gave us... but we used them as pool shoes and as soon as she out grew them they were gone and off to Africa. But you did make me laugh. :) H

Joanna said...

Wow! high heeled crocs! I wonder who first thought pulling heels on their pair of crocs would be a good idea? I normally find heeled shoes uncomfortable so maybe that's my solution!

Badger said...

I'm not sold, either, but I do hate a tied shoe, and I do wear my flipflops until my feet turn purple from cold. I will say that I have heard the Crocs flipflops are the best. I might could be convinced to get the lined ones or the high heels, just so that I don't have to wear "real" shoes! I still can't wear them to work, unfortunately, so I'll have to wear "real" clogs or slings.