Sunday, January 21, 2007


I said before I did my grieving Christmas day. I think that may have been it. Ned passed away on the 17th. She was diagnosed on the 17th of November and passed into Eternal Life on the 17th of December. The night she died I was with her about 20 minutes before her last breath, so I guess I about saw the worst of it. I went see her afterwards for a few seconds and got a touch choked up but I could hardly sleep that night. Not from grief. I was just so amped thinking about the Glory she was experiencing. I thought about the Beauty and the Light and the Love. I tried to think about her meeting her Jesus and the thought was too big. I was just amped.

The family as a whole seems to be doing pretty good. Maybe it will get really hard later. Tomorrow is her service and I wonder if the sadness of others will be more painful to bear than our loss. For me, my loss is too overshadowed by her gain. And once again, God graced me with the opportunity to Love others for Him through a hardship. What an honor! Glory. Glory!

Thats what Im talkin bout baby!

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