Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dancing Again

This week (the second of the New Year 2007) I have been preparing to go on a weekend retreat. Not only do I need to get all my stuff in order and ready, but I have to make arrangements for my family. It is a little funny because it is more of a problem to leave Kenneth alone at night than not be there for the girls. Anyway, there is lots to be done. I do not know if I will even make it to see Ned before I go. I have her grandkids so late every day. Maybe tomorrow.

On a side note, I find it odd that I grieved the day I was told she could not beat the cancer (Christmas Day) and that was it. I feel quite un-emotional now. Almost like she is gone already and I have moved on.

I would like to bring that to God. Maybe while on retreat I can get some insight into why I am like that. I really am looking forward to hearing what He is going to tell me. I need this time with him and I am almost glad my friends did not include me in their plans. They planned to ride together and room together and I am having to drive myself because I could not find anyone to go with. It may sting a little, but I know it is just BS from Satan. Really. I am fine with it. Again, maybe too fine with it.

So, why the title of this blog? I am dancing again. At the retreat. I will do a sign/dance number with a friend and I am excited. It is so cool to be able to use a talent God has given me in an act of worship after years and years or having it perverted and grieving God. I love Him for accepting a dance from me despite who and what I used to dance for. All things are made new and now it is time for a new dance. Thats what Im talkin bout baby.

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