Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What's New

What is new since September 2006.
  • my 'baby' potty trained and started school
  • I started working out at a gym since I have gained back most of the weight I lost. I no longer look like a popped can of biscuits in my pants but I have a looooong way to go. I LOOOVE to spin and actually really enjoy working out at a gym. Who knew?!?
  • Kenneth and I are praying about a vesectamy
  • I have an addiction to Coastal Coffee fruit smoothies (big deal for someone who hates ice, popcicles and snoballs). And I dare you to try the advocado and NOT like it!!!
  • I lead worship at Children's church at the Annex AND my husband also serves in Children's Church. We want to do it about once a month but I find myself there more often than that. Surprize.
  • I apparently have NOT given up scarcasm.

I love my friends. They think I am a freak but I think they are not right. So my children enjoy naked time. If that is the worst thing they have to talk to a shrink about when they grow up, I can deal.

I recently fasted QVC totally for 40 days and I have been trying to NOT spend money unless necessary. I was becoming a big money spender. Not sure what that was about but now it is hard for me to not buy stuff. Sometimes I have to fight the urge go shopping. I think I eased into finding pleasure in food (weight gain) and shopping (maxed credit card) instead of God's Presence.

Ohhh! I am carpooling so that is cool! sometimes other people bring my girls to school and I do not have to! Gotta love that. Did I mention I love my friends? I also no longer can live without Tivo. Well, maybe I could right now, but once Lost starts back...NO.

Avery kicks butt at soccer and has asked to be baptized-WOW (Oct 14th). Emery is the smartest student in her class and the sweetest child in the world. Adrian is so stinkin funny! We ENJOY her so much. I love my life.

Angels Among Us has had a HUGE God touch. I felt God telling me to do a bear drive around Rya's birthday (she would have turned 8 on Aug. 2nd) and so far over $700 has come in. I do not know what to say. Obedience leads to blessing.

I am trying to watch (and care about) football with Kenneth. I got jury duty coming up for the first time ever. I am down to one dog (maybe it was not a good idea to name my dogs Katrina and Rita). OH, and I can FINALLY watch church on TV. Praise God and thank you WBRZ! Thats what Im talkin bout baby!

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